Each Banner house is a unique custom design, built to enhance the natural beauty of the setting. All projects are managed by Jonathan Buchman, and his team of specialists. At the onset of each project Jonathan, and the architect familiarize themselves with the neighborhood to determine what style of house will best fit into it’s surroundings. The architect, along with engineers and landscape architects study the topography of the land to determine how best to situate the house aesthetically and in a way that will cause the least impact environmentally.

Banner houses are comprised of various materials; brick, stone, clapboard and shingle. The type of material is selected to enhance the beauty and architectural detail. As you browse the photo gallery, you will notice the distinctive style of each Banner house along with the exceptional quality of landscaping that enhances the appeal of the residence.

Weston 47 Westerly front exterior
Weston 47 Westerly front exterior
Exterior Front of House
Exterior Back of House
Backyard Stone Patio
Stone Patio-Pool Area
Exterior- Front of House
Exterior- Back of House
Exterior-Front of House
Exterior- Back of House
Exterior- Front of House
Exterior- Back of House
Exterior- Front of House
Exterior- Back of House
281 Country Ariel
36 Walnut Front Exterior
241 boston post exterior front
241 boston post exterior
75 Scotch Pine Road exterior
75 Scotch Pine Road exterior 2
  • Stephen and Jill
    We began the building process with Jonathan Buchman and Banner Construction while we were still living in London, England. He and his team put together a timeline, budget and plan that allowed us to feel comfortable and confident in the process. Banner exceeded expectations at each stage of the building process helping us to anticipate the next set of decisions we would face at every step. While the construction was smooth, it is the end product that makes us happiest that we chose Banner from the slate of builders we considered. The quality of the systems, finishes and design leave us smiling every day. It is remarkable to us that after completion we received an unsolicited bid to sell our home for more significantly more than our build cost – a real testament to Banner Construction. While a great confirmation of Banner's work, we will be staying in our beautiful home for many years to come.
    Stephen and Jill
  • H.E.
    I met Jonathan in 2000. We have worked on numerous commercial and residential projects together. Most of these projects have been very unique, challenging and demanding in their approval process and construction. All of these jobs were executed by Banner Construction, in the most attentive and professional manner. Teamwork is essential during the design and construction phase. Banner uses very experienced and reliable subs who enjoy working together from one project to the next. This teamwork helps control construction costs and the quality of work produced is very high. Banner Construction's management and coordination of sub's work is impressive and right on schedule. As an architect on most of Banner Construction's projects, I appreciate and value Jonathan's vision, loyalty and dedication to perfection.
  • David C. Dorrer
    As a custom cabinet manufacturer who values quality and dedication we are proud to be a member of the Banner Construction team. Jonathan treats every home that he builds as if it were his own. We take pride in only referring our clients to people that mirror our integrity. As a homeowner, you can rest assured that his professionalism, personal involvement and attention to detail on each and every project will never be compromised. I would recommend Banner Construction to anyone that wants to build a home that has warmth, character, detail and quality.  
    David C. Dorrer
    Scandia Kitchens Inc.
  • Daniel J. Wallace Jr
    I am in a profession where service, quality and delivery are critical to my clients. Banner Construction has always met these high standards on all the projects I have worked on with him since 2001. It has always been a very pleasant and professional experience between our companies. His attention to a cohesive design between architecture and it's site is exemplary and of utmost importance to his work.
    Daniel J. Wallace Jr
    Sudbury Design Group
  • C.M.
    Jonathan is a true professional. The quality of his work is very high and his word is good. We chose to do additional work on the home he built and he did that work on time and on budget. I have no reservations recommending Jonathan to any prospective buyer."
  • A.A,A.
    Jonathan is easy to work with and has a great team of professionals who help get the job done. He always made me feel like I was a partner in making sure we had everything the way we wanted. He was unbelievably responsive in this way. Every new house will have a punch list. Jonathan always stood behind his work, no matter when we called him back. Even long after we had moved in, he was there to resolve any issue that arose.